Studio 02

Studio 02 - Architectural Studio

Ampang - Corporate Office Block - Deformation Movement

Office buildings are deceptively complex. In designing for Mardec, working out the idea of connecting the corporate image of the past and represent greatest legacy for the future. The design approach for this corp. office asks in taking accountability of all in one from the conceptual idea, till the application of materials and systems which assembling from many possible perspectives.

Green Cells + Eco-working Friendly

Mardec Berhad streeses onn eco-working friendly issues. With this idea itself, green cells are applied into the building design as a reflection to its attempt to promote healthy working lifestyle.

Green cells are the zones at the center which brings in dat lighting fro the roof level till the lowest floor; it provides natural ventilation, as well as intgrating the green into the building internally. The landscapes are dense within the green cell to assist cooling by the means of shading and evapo-transpiration. It creates peace of minds to the occupants especially after a long working hours. The green cells are started from the basement and continuous up inside the building which like a middle zone that connecting together all departments from floor to floor.

Order + Dynamic

Chaos + Information System

As is a corporate office, the exterior and the interior of the design should reflect equally the true spirit of the company. It should potraits Mardec as strong and reliable company to instill confident to bizness partner.

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